Success Stories

On the first day of the year and also the first day of our prayer and fasting, the senior Pastor(Pst.Johnson), Pastor Mwangi and a few of the church workers were honored to spend time at Makimei Children's home and show love. This is true religion; expressing the love of God to the less fortunate in the society and refreshing others.

At Makimei Children's home

A visit to Dagorretti Children's home by our ladies, to share the love of Christ as they distribute foodstuffs.

At Dagorretti Children's home

A visit to child welfare society in Chwele, by our mission team.

At child welfare society in Chwele

In response to the great commission, we have traversed the nation of Kenya as we spread the good news of the kingdom of God.

Spreading the gospel in Chwele(Bugoma county)

A visit to Thogoto home for the elderly by our Mission team.

Thogoto home for the elderly

We have and continue to partner with other organizations and medical practitioners to provide medical interventions to our community by organizing medical camp, the most recent one is the one we partnered with World Comp International, where more than 900 people were examined and treated for various ailments.

Medical Camps